RepBOOST™ A Business Reputation Builder

We Automate Your Effort to Acquire, Monitor and Amplify Customer Reviews

RepZoom™ systematically drives your customers to one conversion funnel that routes them to the review sites you most care about. Using this method, we can successfully intercept negative feedback from customers before posted to the public and route positive experiences directly to the review directories.

RepZoom will automate the task of reminding and guiding your customers through the process of leaving reviews. We accomplish this using print, email and SMS campaigns.

We monitor all activity and see results in real time from the most popular review destinations available. You are presented with monthly reports that demonstrate reputational improvements alongside actionable insights and campaign data.

Stream reviews on your website and social media automatically in real time from popular review sites of your choice.

We maintain laser precision on what matters to your business

Increase Your Positive Reviews

Get more positive online reviews for your business where it counts with targeted campaigns.

Recover Unhappy Customers

Get more positive online reviews for your business where it counts with targeted campaigns.

Professional Performance Monitor

We collect data from across the net to optimize your campaigns and alert you to issues that may arise.

Amplify Happy Customers & Clients

Show off your new shiny reviews with automated Web and social media content. Reviews on your feed.

Get a second chance with unhappy customers

A simple system to proactively collect and use feedback from all of your customers.

  • Activate happy customers to share the good word where it matters
  • Reach unhappy customers before they bad-mouth your business causing all sorts of cyber drama.
  • Give your team the time and intel to turn a negative customer experience around

A single “Command Center” for all of your customer reviews

RepZoom™ is the only solution to aggregate local reviews into an addressable marketing channel with a complete solution.

  • Acquire, manage and use customer reviews from around the Web
  • Cover all of the third-party publishers that matter
  • Don’t be held hostage: Build reputation and visibility on the websites and listings you own

Automate multi-channel review request campaigns

This is the most effective and flexible review acquisition system, whether you have one business location or a thousand.

  • Email, text and MMS drip campaigns
  • Easily upload contacts, schedule campaigns or trigger via API
  • Custom drop-shipped printed cards
  • Deliver a personalized, localized campaigns at any scale
  • RepZoom™ takes care off everything for you
  • All you do is run your business and provide excellent service!

Stream your best reviews to your website and social media profiles

We’ll collect all of your reviews in one place and let you selectively share them to your website via a simple copy/paste embed code.

  • Automatically display the latest and greatest reviews of your business to prospective customers and increase conversions
  • Selectively show/hide and edit review snippets so that you’re always in control of the content you publish

So to summarize:

You get your business reputation boosted up on your favorite review sites, full reputation reports, alerts, and notifications of any issues, driving more customers to you, more profit, and growing business. Sound good?