Whether you know it or not, Facebook® is a business conglomerate that can help you make new customers and sales. So a good image needs to be applied here as well. FaceBOOST™ is a service we can provide to spruce up and optimize your official Facebook page. A well optimized page can give your business the pro appearance you need to make more sales.

FaceBOOST™ Includes;

  • Professional Cover
  • Professional Avatar
  • Page Optimization
  • ReTargeting Pixel Audit
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Professional Cover

The first thing a visitor sees is your cover. Let RepZoom make you look like a super star with a custom image.

Custom Avatar

Every page needs a custom avatar that shows who you are. Simple yet effective no matter how you look at it.


Did you know a Facebook page can be optimized? Google loves Facebook too, so a highly optimized page is a good thing!

Retargeting Audit

RepZoom will perform a Facebook Pixel Audit to determine your link from your site to the Facebook Pixel retargeting service.