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Falcon Company Tactical

Falcon Company Tactical updates its website to better fit with its brand and to better connect with agencies nationwide.

Repzoom's project management was excellent. The team was transparent about the budget, and they were great at sticking to the schedule. Their system worked for me, and I truly enjoyed working with them.
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Jennifer Gilmore
CFO - Government Sales
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The Problem.

Falcon Company Tactical was looking for new opportunities to better connect its brand with agencies across the United States and to convert said agencies into clients. While the previous website was visually pleasing, it just did not have the performance and lead generation the company was looking for. 

The Remedy.

Falcon Company Tactical needed a particular mix of features and visual style to tell its story and to reach its prospects around the country. We worked with the Falcon Co Tactical team to ensure the right mix of quality content, images, layout, and server performance to reach their audience. 

While not yet available, we are working behind the scenes to put together a new and improved shopping system that provides the products of top name brands within the protection and tactical industry. 

While visuals and shopping systems are great for lead generation and sales, server performance can make it all fall apart if not done correctly. We provided Falcon Co. Tactical dedicated servers specifically tailored for peak performance, no matter what is thrown at them. They are ready for the future.  

The Results.

Once the new website was launched, Falcon Co. Tactical found that the number of connections they have made with prospects began to increase, based on the current analytics. The new website legitimized the company visually by connecting with itself, fusing the brand with the website. 

In the end, the current site fits the vision of the company as they move forward into the future. And as the Falcon Co Tactical motto goes, they are Protecting our Nation’s Greatest Assets!

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